D.R. International Pvt. Ltd formerly kwon as D.R. PLASTIC, established in 1978 by Mr. Bhanwar Lal Jain. It is an international trading house dealing in various kinds of plastic raw materials with the specialization in all engineering and commodity polymers. We are currently associated with the world leading plastic manufacturers like Reliance, E.I. Dupont, BASF, LG, Samsung, Mitsubishi etc.

The highly diversified polymer product range that we handle contributes to annual revenues of more then Rs. 200 cr.

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Plastics are a large and varied group of materials, the overwhelming majority of which are derived from petroleum and consist of different combinations or formulations of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and some elements. They all share one essential characteristic: they are easy to from into whatever shape we desire. The wide range of our products:

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